March 18 was such a fun and inspirational day. Hundreds of women joined our Pinay in Action run\walk to celebrate women’s month and various women causes.

There were serious runners, like the Philippine team athletes, including one of whom chose not to run competitively that day, but instead carried her baby on her back on a baby carrier. There were kids of all ages, other moms who walked/ran with their kids, disabled athletes, grandmothers, cancer survivors and women of different profession, athletic abilities and backgrounds.

Together, we strive to raise awareness and support for breast cancer (no. 1 cancer killer for women in the Philippines, according to the DOH), cervical cancer (no. 2 cancer killer, which is caused by the hpv virus and is sexually transmitted), hepatitis (which may lead to liver cancer and is the 7th top killer for women) , breastfeeding and violence against women and children. We had booths with information on these issues, including screening and vaccination for hepatitis.

And of course, close to my heart, is encouraging women (men and kids) to start and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Running and walking are one of the easiest exercises. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a place to run or walk and ideally a fitness partner to keep you company or keep you motivated.

There is so much to do, but it is good to know that we’ve gone beyond the first step to address these issues.

See you at the next race?

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  1. woohoo!! welcome to the blogging world ate pi!! 🙂 and hi miss che! 🙂 its a great outlet and great to look at years after.

    yey for pinay in action! (ayayay ang slow ko, ngayon ko lang na-realize na p-i-a ang pinay in action! cuuute. :p)

  2. jose.leroy

    Hi Pi, thanks for inviting me to be part of your amazing world. You truly are an inspiration to others most particularly to the many Filipino women who are starting to come into their own just like you.

    Good on you for developing this blog to showcase to all that not only are you a woman of substance and intelligence but also an extremely sexy chick to boot. 😉

  3. I was away from work for 2 weeks so I did not see your invite till today, plus I can not access blogs at work (they are blocked), i.e. have to wait till I get hold of U. Jim’s computer at home and then use my other email address. Well now welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Personally speaking,it is great as it will be a one-stop shopping for news all about you and family and friends,and whatever. So far I like what I see and read. Just one comment……I would like to see more of close-up pictures posted, e.g. like you with Maxie,rather than the far-away shots. Did I tell you Heather also maintains a blog which keeps me in tune with their ins and outs, of course with Matthew and Maximillian as the main attractions. I will send you the link. So keep it going. Love ya!

  4. Hi Pia,

    As you know by now, it was the PIA race that started it all for me in running. As I had texted to you days before this race (since I was way too excited about it) thanks for organizing super fun races like this. Congrats for all that you’ve accomplished in every area of your life—I constantly wonder how you balance it all so perfectly!

  5. banggigay

    hi pia! i chanced upon your blog as i’m checkin’ for fellow runners and earthsavers 🙂 i’m a regular lurker though of your piacayetano site, cos i follow your bills on environment preservation.

    see more of me here 🙂 and i hope to joining you on your next dash!

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