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A Blessed Mother's Day

I woke up this morning and immediately noticed that my daughter, Nadine, was not beside me. A few minutes later, she and my other daughter, Max, walked  in the room with my breakfast on a tray- a full breakfast that Nadine cooked!

She made me French toast with lite whipped cream, cinnamon and lite syrup. Then, there was a separate plate of  scrambled eggs with strawberries and sliced bananas on the side.


I do not have a big appetite when I wake up because my body and, I guess, my stomach has gotten used to a quick meal of oatmeal, fruit or whole wheat toast with peanut butter  or cheese, before running out the door to exercise. So, I asked my girls to enjoy the big breakfast with me. It was delicious!

They also gave me beautiful flowers. Nadine  proudly pointed out that they were saving money and the environment  by: (a). making my mother’s day card on used paper; (b). using the left- over egg from the French toast to make scrambled eggs; and (c). giving me flowers that were in a vase downstairs. In other words, flowers that  were already mine. Haha!

In the evening, my kids and I joined my brothers  to celebrate mother’s day with my mom in her house. We had a casual meal,  picnic style, eat on the floor or any vacant seat you can find. Recycled food this time – delicious left-over pasta from last night. My mom was happy that we were all together. 

I had a wonderful mother’s day. My children have blessed me in so many ways. I can only hope that all the mothers out there are equally blessed. Meanwhile, session resumes tomorrow, and I go back to defending mother’s lives on the floor and in my hearings.