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The Beauty of a Vague Dream

I also had a vague idea of what the future holds, but I was ready to face the world

We often talk about fulfilling our dreams. But what if we are still at that point where that dream isn’t very clear yet?

Every time I speak at commencement exercises, I request the graduating students to close their eyes and imagine their future. Then I ask them: Do you have a clear vision/image of your future?

Whenever I do this, many graduating students would admit that they don’t have a clear image of that future yet. And then I assure them, ‘That’s okay!’

Despite the hard work I put into getting a good education when I was a student, I also had a vague idea of how my future would turn out, even after graduating from college and law school. But having armed myself with a good education, what I was sure at was that I was ready to face the world and explore all opportunities.

That is the beauty of a Vague Dream, my dear graduates. Congratulations and I wish you all the best!

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