My brother, the weekend triathlete and runner

Lino got me into triathlon. He was hooked at a time when I was  a contented runner and scared of venturing into something new. He took me on my first “serious” ride around the village. I got hooked after two rides. Then he got a job that kept him up throughout the nights. I continued to train. He watched me with pride and envy, occasionally joining me for a 10k race or a duathlon.

Last year, he took a year off to study and live  in New York. I missed him. He suggested we do the New York tri together last July since he lived only a few blocks from the race venue.

He didn’t tell me  we had to park our bikes in his bathroom, that we had to carry them down 5 flights of stairs..and then carry them back up. But hey, what could be better than racing in NY with my brother..

Bikes and wetsuits and everything else parked in the bathroom
Bikes and wetsuits and everything else parked in the bathroom


I trained a LOT in Manila, he trained a LITTLE in NY. I ran and biked under the sun, he sunbathed in Central Park..

Sunbathing with Gemma in Central Park
Sunbathing with Gemma in Central Park

I did wet suit swims, he bought a wet suit one week before the race. I raced seriously, he smiled for the camera.n1350397913_75918_2901


He threatened to beat me. I laughed…Not this race, baby. nytri-lino


Truth is, he could beat me any day IF he trained just a little bit more.

That same year, he convinced me  it was a chance of a lifetime to do New York marathon together. I convinced him to meet up with me after my conference in Geneva and do Amsterdam Marathon. We did both 2 weeks apart. I ran to do my personal best, he ran to capture his first marathon on video.

After crossing the finish line of NY Marathon
After crossing the finish line of NY Marathon
Amsterdam Marathon - it was freezing!
Amsterdam Marathon - it was freezing!


The day he returned to Manila was a surprise to me. I was running with my training partner Joey  early one morning and out of the corner of my eye I saw this familiar figure in black sitting on the curb of the road. I started screaming. Joey had no idea why until a few seconds later when he saw Lino.

Lino is now back in  Manila working. It’s harder for him to train when he has shoots. But we text each other daily making plans to meet within the week. He joins me for a swim or a run. Some days, we lie around talking about my work, about his work, about my life and his life. About our dreams of watching my kids become world class athletes. In Boracay over the last weekend, we gave my girls a crash course in volleyball which was both our sport in college.4224_1169839050057_1350397913_473514_6090666_n

Other times we hang together reading our books and ignoring  each other. When he can, he comes over and cooks in my kitchen, eats and hangs with my kids. And we all go to church together.

Lino with my daughters Maxine and Nadine
Lino with my daughters Maxine and Nadine


 And yes, we train together whenever we can.

n.b. Ani, Joey and I are convincing him to join the Camsur 70.3. Easy for him to do once he sets his mind to it… and if he had a bike. He left his in New York.

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  1. Another great post. Nice pics. Made me miss my own siblings. Very timely too, considering that tomorrow is Father\’s Day. I think there is no greater gift a father could wish for than seeing everyone of his children succeed in his/her own chosen field,live wholesome and healthy lifestyles, and also love and take care of each other. Wish you more success politically (P. or V.P, maybe someday) and athletically.

  2. I’m loving your blogs Sen. Pia.. It’s very inspiring. Keep writing.=)

  3. So glad to see a different side of Lino =)

  4. i seriously need to work out to get back my pre pregnancy body. i bought an exerciser and fter 2 months I havent used so tamad. been meaning to join a fun run or do something that’ll get me out of bed and my couch but havent been succesful. i miss younger brother because of this post 🙁

  5. i can relate! my dad and siblings are my favorite training buddies. nothing beats having a sibling for a training partner. you tend to do better because there will be no reservations sa pang-aalaska, hence making you resolve to do better! 🙂

  6. This is so heartwarming. Finishing a marathon or a triathlon is an amazing experience in itself. Having someone close to you, especially a sibling, experience it by your side makes it even more memorable. May you both have many more races to conquer together 🙂

  7. You obviously love your brother, kainggit. No one in the family runs like me, wish I could convince my wife soon to join me. The pressure for her raising our baby is kinda blocking her way to start running with me 🙁

    God bless mam!

    The Running Ninja

  8. butz del carmen

    I have a 15 year old son who has the passion in thriathlon and he admires you! He\’s a swimmer since preschool and also has the potential in distance biking.We hope that someday he can join a competition. God bless and more power!

  9. Giovanni Cabuay

    Lino was a teammate back when we were in high school (Benedictine Abbey School) playing for the basketball varsity team. He was the more athletic player on the team shifting from Volleyball to basketball with ease. No surprise that he has maintained his athleticism even after more than a decade since high school. Lino was a classy, kind hearted kind of guy. People look up to him. My parents tell me that Lino stil recognizes and greets them when they chance upon each other. Anyone would have been proud to have him as a brother.

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