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Subic International Triathlon 2011

30 April 2011

Subic Bay Freeport

Every year, the Subic International Triathlon (SUBIT) is on my calendar. I have missed it more often than I have joined it for various reasons. Last year, I missed it because of the senatorial campaign. Although I was running and biking throughout the campaign, I did not have time to swim, plus I could not because just before the campaign ended I broke a bone in my hand and was campaigning in a cast.

This year, I have been on the trails on my mountain bike more than on the road on my tribike. But I switched to more road-tri specific training the last few weeks to prepare for the SUBIT race.

On race day, I was sleepy in the morning as usual. I have an alarm set in my phone for 3:45am which is my usual wake-up time on race days. I am familiar with Subic and the olympic distance is short in comparison to the 70.3 Ironman’s which I often join, so I was quite relaxed. I enjoyed the swim. I am not fast, so to just finish comfortably is good.


The bike leg was good. I like the hills in Subic. Though they are tough, they are not as long as some other hills I have climbed.

The run is always hot. There is little shade along that part of Subic, except for the area by the church which is the only significantly shaded part of the race route. The best part to run is by the transition area and where the finishers come out of the finisher’s chute because friends and supporters wait in this area and their energy and cheers are worth more than a shot of gel.

While I was running my third loop, I saw Anton Tangan, a triathlete and good friend. We have been doing triathlons together for some years now. I said to him, “Anton, nakakapagod pala ‘to”. His reply, “Pa-picture muna.” That made me laugh.

Oh, and there’s the new “green triathlon’ theme. I took that seriously and looked for all the trashcans for my used cups and sponges. There were not a lot. So if I missed the trash can right after the aid station, I would have to carry my cup and stuff my sponge in my trisuit. On the third and fourth round, I started tossing them to my friends on the road, telling them “Please throw this for me.”


It always feels good to see old familiar faces when you are racing. But I also saw so many new people out there. I tried to cheer them on when I ran beside them. After I finished my race and cooled off under the shower, also my favorite part, I ran in the opposite direction of the run course and cheered for the rest of the women and relay participants on the course.

It was a good race for me. I finished first in my category.


Congratulations to all, especially my girl friends, the super girls who I idolize and set a higher standard for all of us. You rock girls! And my training partners, Belle and Coach Noel, who both podiumed and Steve Bonz for doing an amazing 2:42 for his first tri!

For more pictures, please visit

Sorry, I only have photos from the women’s race held on the first day. I was not able to watch the men’s race the next day because I went home to be with my kids… ’til the next race guys!

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