If you are reading this, consider yourself a participant invited to share my daily race called life…This being my first blog, I am not sure how it will evolve. But the intention is to share with family and friends the ups and downs, happy and not-so-happy parts of my personal, professional/political life.. Nothing majorly serious, but hopefully inspirational, thought provoking, at times funny…

Your comments are always welcome but since this is meant to be a “feel good” blog, you can only say nice things. Hehe!

Let’s start with some serious stuff…

2 comments on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG! ! !

  1. HI!!! Great site!
    I’m still overwhelmed by the idea of an “on-line-diary-to-share” – it’s one of those things that make me wonder “…now why didn’t I think of that before? hmmmmm…….”
    You have been such a wonderful inspiration to Amanda, Pia, and I can never thank you enough for it. It’s her birthady today and this morning she asked me, “Mom, how can Maxine not be here? It’s my birthday!!”…..
    I will be dropping by this site often– just checking out….who knows. I might even create my own blogspot…sincerely, Pia, I wish you more success in your DAILY RACE… and pray that amidst the many ups, downs and turning around, you remain the “cool” senator that you are.

  2. Hi there Pia. I blog-hopped from Cathy Babao’s site. So glad to know you have opened up your blog. I have always admired your advocacies and especially your get-fit lifestyle.

    I am not into running (just leg presses and treadmill walks in a gym) but I have been into yoga for over a year now and love it very much. It completely changed my very sedentary life……and I am now a real believer in “Health is wealth”.

    Do drop by my site some time. Good luck in all your projects.

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