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The black propaganda

When I was in Davao, I met and sat down with some military officers. During our interaction, I had the chance to explain to them my programs for various marginalized sectors.  I also told them how sad I was to hear that there is a black propaganda circulating against me, wherein my statements about women empowerment have been twisted to make me look like I do not value the sacrifices of our soldiers. In several forums, I simply voiced out the sad plight of teachers and nurses whose salaries have historically been  lower than their counterparts in other fields such as engineering and military profession. It was a mere statement of fact, not in anyway meant to lessen my concern for others. 

At the Kapihan in Manila Hotel recently, in the presence of my co-candidate Capt. Mon-Mon Mitra and the Chief of Staff of Col. Ariel Querubin, I expressed my full support for their candidacy and said it is good that our soldiers continue to have a voice in the Senate. In the same vein, I am also the voice of the marginalized sectors like women, persons with disabilities and senior citizens. 

My concern for women does not in any way diminish my support for other sectors including soldiers. In fact, I have been visiting the men and women in uniform, supporting in particular, the concerns of our women soldiers. I have also pushed for more benefits for the widows of our soldiers. 

With women of the Philippine Military Academy
With women of the Philippine Military Academy
File photo of my visit to Camp Capinpin
File photo of my visit to Camp Capinpin
I wish I knew the motivation of the black propagandists but what is obvious is they want to alienate me from the military sector. But why? 

I reiterated to my new military friends in Davao of my continued support for the concerns of our soldiers. It’s the same assurance I tell our women soldiers whenever I have a chance to meet with them, that I will always be around to champion their causes as I encourage them to excel in their profession. 


Women in Uniform - an integral part of my women advocacy
Women in Uniform - an intergral part of my women advocacy

I would welcome more suggestions on how our government can better provide for the welfare of our soldiers, particularly, the women and uniform, and the widows and orphaned children of our fallen heroes.

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