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where is pia now

Campaign Period. 2 weeks to go.

I am running for re-election.


In the last six years, I have worked on a number of key legislative measures which have been enacted into law. Among them are:

The Expanded Senior Citizens Act

The Cheaper Medicines Law

The Food and Drugs Administration Law

The Anti-Hospital Detention Law

The Expanded Breastfeeding Law

The Environmental and Education Awareness Act

The Magna Carta of Women

I also authored/sponsored a number of protected area laws, including the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and Mts. Banahaw – San Cristobal Protected Landscape.

I have made amendments to various bills to ensure that they are gender sensitive. These include the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) Law, the National Disaster Risk and Management Law among others.


With respect to our national budget, I have made amendments increasing the budget for health care, environment, education and protection of women – such as doctors to the barrios programs, hospital equipment, water and air quality, and clean-up of the Bulacan river. I have also pushed for the release of the funding of major environmental laws like the Clean Air Act, Solid Waste Management Act and the Clean Water Act, and women laws such as the Magna Carta of Women and the Violence against Women and Children Act.


In the past 5 years, I have actively represented our country in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). I have been President of the Women Parliamentarians of the IPU for the last 2 years. I have chaired sessions for women parliamentarians in the United Nations and all over the world. I have brought back these experiences to my work in the senate. Many of my legislative work, including budgetary amendments are inspired by my exchanges with fellow legislators from all over the world.


It has been my greatest pride to represent our country as a Filipina legislator.

As I run for re-election, I present my accomplishment report to the Filipinos.  It will be my honor to serve once more.


I should have done this sooner. When I started a new blog, the intention was not to leave this blog. I just wanted to start a daily campaign blog where I could track my campaign over the next 90 days. I should have known I would not have time to go back to this blog for the time being.

The campaign has been going on for 78 days. There are 12 days to go.

I have done my part for the past six years, but there are still a lot to be done. Among others, we need to revisit the PhilHealth Law to ensure that our people will have access to quality but affordable health care. I also need to push for the passage of major environmental bills such as the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), Land Administration Reform Act (LARA), National Land Use Code (NLUC) and other protected areas.

I look forward to going back to the Senate with your support and vote.

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